Academic Failure

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Simon D'Orlaq

Academic Failure: A Priceless Gift from Life.

The Book

The book explores the myth that education and results gained in a learning environment, such as schools and colleges, is the pinnacle of achievement and is the standard by which we should then be judged for the remainder of our lives.

It starts by looking school failure and cites some notable examples of people who were judged to be failures at school, before going on to do something quite remarkable in life, including people like Thomas Edison, Bill Gates and Albert Einstein.

From there it move on to asking what failure really means, while looking at ways in which we can achieve success after we leave school, reminding the reader that there are a great many things that we learn in life, long after the school bell rings and the gates close for good.

It also examine the steps we can take to maintaining our creativity in spite of failure and why academia is not the answer for all and can actually have a detrimental effect on many.

The book closes with data on school failure and the work of the John Duns Scotus Institute, which helps those who fail in school to rebuild their confidence and find ways for them to succeed.

In all, the book comprises 14 chapters and some 23,000 words of text.



1 review for Academic Failure

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    If you are looking for guide to get success in your personal as well business than you must read this book.

    Respect For Author.

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